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Angelika Welscher (Shunyam)
Adv.Dip.Nat.Nut.Herb.Hom, DRM, DRT,

Angelika has studied at the NSW School of Natural Medicine and holds an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy, including Clinical Nutrition, Herbal Medicine and Homeopathy.

Angelika is also a Remedial Therapist, her massage is strong and involves deep tissue work. She also includes lymphatic drainage and relaxation techniques. She has been trained in Tibetan Pulsing in India and learned there the value of vibrational
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Angelika is one of the few practitioners with a diploma in Frequency Specific Microcurent Therapy. For client assessment and allergy testing she uses the Biomeridian Stress Assessment. Her most recent training has been in Biomesotherapy, which is a very successful new type of treatment for pain and old and new injuries from joom. Angelika is specializing in allergy testing and desensitizing, and drug-free pain relief.

Unit 2, 364a Harbour Drive, C. H. 2450 Phone/Fax:(02) 66515115


Brett King

Brett is a registered Kinesiologist, and a professional member of the Australian Kinesiology Association, who has been practising kinesiology for four years.

Brett was first introduced to kinesiology with the now famous "Touch For Health" program, which he attended. These workshops were taught at the Byron Kinesiology Centre by Parijat Wismer. Previously Brett had been interested in oriental culture, his Grandfather having been Chinese born, and having also attained black belt level in Aikido (a Japanese martial art).

However, meeting his "Touch For Health" instructor, and learning the science/art of 'balancing energy', was a turning point for Brett. From then on Brett concentrated fully on becoming a professional practitioner of kinesiology. Brett first met Dr. Bruce and Joan Dewe at a seminar in 2002. Bruce had been chairman of the TFH International Faculty and the first President of International Kinesiology College, Zurich.

Bruce had originally introduced a series of advanced workshops which through time evolved into the four PKP workshops and finally the ICPKP (International College of Professional Kinesiology Practices) International Diploma. As Dean of Professional Studies for the IKC he was instrumental in the registration of the National Diploma in Kinesiology in New Zealand. With these and other achievements, Brett felt lucky to study under him.

More importantly, Bruce has made in his workshops a system that is so comprehensive, safe and empowering to the person it has made a high demand for his workshops in 16 countries and 8 languages. Since then Brett has helped many people and continues to work towards making kinesiology as a complementary medicine more well known. The old adage is "Prevention is better than cure".