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What is Biomesotherapy?

Biomesotherapy is a therapy consisting of:

- Stimulating the body by putting a sterile saline solution (which is exactly the same as the bodies' fluid composition) under
the skin.

- This stimulates deeper organ systems known as a cutivisceral reflex arc. Oral homeopathic medicines are given simultaneously which focus upon the organ or tissue requiring treatment.

Over 70 million Onfy selen tabletten
 Biomesotherapy treatments take place in Europe each year. It is a popular form of natural medicine. Biomesotherapy offers an excellent safety profile; studies show that it is as safe as oral homeopathics.

Examples of diluted natural medicines commonly used in Biomesotherapy are Traumeel and Zeel ampoules. They contain no impurities. Stimulation of local tissue does not become contaminated with preservatives and additives. Traumeel is used for inflammation and sports injuries. Zeel is used for tennis elbow, whiplash and arthrosis.

Where is the saline solution inserted?

People are often very surprised at the ease of the treatment.

The needles are fine like acupuncture needles, and inserted into a self-loading device called an 'inject-ease' device. Saline is inserted just under the skin or into specific muscle points, more. Some of these points are trigger points or acupuncture points. Acupuncture points are derived from ancient Chinese medicine, while trigger point therapy has its origin in the USA.

Treatment into and around joints is also common. For example, if you have elbow pain your practitioner will look for several painful spots in the arm muscles and may treat each one. In most cases, several small treatments are given in a specific zone of the body at each session.

How does it work?

Biomesotherapy uses a procedure to stimulate your body's own healing capacity. The body is encouraged to start healing itself. It is a safe and efficient technique, which often has much less discomfort than the average acupuncture treatment.

Biomesotherapy uses carefully calculated diluted substances, commonly known as homeopathic potencies. These medicines contain low concentrations of substances, usually of plant and mineral origin. Many patients may receive immediate relief from pain and discomfort after their first treatment, yet sometimes three or more sessions may be required before results are satisfying.

Although there is pain relief it is important to realize that Biomesotherapy does not suppress the symptoms as with conventional medicine. It simply reorganizes the body's information to support a healing response.

When to use Biomesotherapy?

Biomesotherapy is used for minor orthopedic problems. These include neck and back pain, ankle sprain, sciatica, frozen shoulder and Achilles tendonitis. Biomesotherapy is also very successful in treating sports injuries, and even shows great improvements in old injuries and scar tissue.

This modality is often suggested for those who have tried orthodox medicine without success. Other patients experiencing medication side effects may be seeking alternatives. In some patients it may be advantageous to combine Frequency Specific Microcurrent Therapy with Biomesotherapy.


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