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Why do we use black graphite gloves?

The graphite gloves conduct the current from the machine to your body. The gloves allow the doctor to feel your muscles and put the current exactly where it is needed. It is believed the shape of the gloves makes them a more effective way of delivering the current to the muscles.

What are the pads for?

The pads are a more subtle way 
chrom nahrungsergänzung Onfy.de of delivering the current to your body. The pads deliver frequencies to your whole system, not just the muscles. The frequencies used with the pads are thought to work like electronic homeopathy.

Why is it necessary to change frequencies on the machine?

It has been observed that specific frequencies seem to target specific conditions in the tissues. In many cases the tissues will suddenly soften and become less painful when the correct combination of frequencies are chosen. This softening and the pain relief that comes with it seems to be long lasting and in some cases permanent.

What are the side effects?

Microcurrent changes muscle tissue, softens scar tissue, and increases circulation with the effect of removing long stored waste products and increasing cellular metabolism so quickly that there is often a detoxification reaction after treatment, link. Some people have a similar reaction after a massage but the reaction after Microcurrent is stronger because so much is accomplished in such a short period of time. These toxins may have been accumulating over years.

As the released toxins enter your bloodstream, they will eventually reach and be processed by your liver in a detoxification pathway, then dumped out of your body. Your liver has enzymes that can normally process all toxins, however such a dramatic increase in toxins all at once may cause some side effects to be experienced. These include: nausea, fatigue, drowsiness, a temporary increase in pain, and a flu-like feeling.

These side effects, if experienced, may occur during treatment or may not be noticed until perhaps 90 minutes after treatment, and could last from 4 to 24 hours. Taking antioxidants and/or liver support supplementations immediately after the treatment will help neutralize/process those toxins faster. Drinking two liters of water in the two hours immediately following treatment will greatly help facilitate/accelerate your liver detoxification pathways.

There have been no lasting adverse reactions reported. FSM has a history of being very safe.

Do the benefits last?

Every patient responds individually, but the changes to the tissues seem to be long lasting. About 60 to 80% of the changes created in one treatment last until the next treatment, about 4 to 7 days. Your muscles are used to responding the way they are and may return to the old configuration if not treated again, although some patients have had permanent changes with one treatment. In many cases only one treatment is needed to make the pain disappear.

The principal effects of FSM are that it:

1. Provides physiologic current
2. Restores normal cell membrane stability
3. Normalizes conduction of nerve pathways
4. Normalizes the rate of cellular metabolism, protein synthesis and waste product removal
5. Energizes the patient's bioelectric field in beneficial ways

In addition, the latest research shows it can cause substantial reductions in blood levels of inflammatory and pain chemicals and large increases in anti-inflammatory and nervous system protecting chemicals. Many patients report feeling relaxed and energized after a treatment which typically lasts 20-30 minutes.

Everything in this world is made of energy: you, me, a rock, a table, blades of grass, etc. Since energy is actually vibration, it means that everything that exists vibrates. This is a simple law of the universe to which there are no exceptions. Modern day (quantum) physics has proven that energy and matter are one in the same, thereby proving our point.


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