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The Ceragem Master is a product that has modernised the principles of both Eastern and Western medical science. Regular use of Ceragem will improve body health as your spine alignment is corrected and maintained. Come in and use it for free anytime.

Chiropractic - It is said that the spine is the root of the human body. The nervous system which runs down the spine controls and coordinates all the functions of the body. Therefore, the whole body simply functions better by correcting misaligned vertebrae that has been caused by everyday life. Regular use of the Ceragem Master helps to re-align the spine.

Massage - The Internal Projector (Jade Roller) moves along natural curves of the spine to stimulate circulation. In addition, it promotes relaxation of the muscles and tendons around the back of the body.

Acupressure - Specially designed internal and external projectors give 
agnus castus al 100 stück acupressure along five energy channels of the back, thereby relieving a variety of symptoms and pains.

Far Infrared Ray- The patented epoxy carbon panel, developed by Ceragem scientists, increases the efficiency of the emission of the far infrared ray, which can deeply penetrate into skin and the under laying tissues. It warms up the body, expanding blood vessels, which improves blood circulation, thereby increasing general health and relaxing the body.

Moxibustion (Heat Treatment) - Moxibustion is a technique used in traditional Eastern medicine. The Internal Projector (Jade Roller) heats over the back of the body to stimulate and strengthen blood circulation. It also helps the energy flow of the body and reduces muscle tension.


"I find that the Ceragem Massage bed with it's comforting warm infra red enables my sore spots to just relax and let go of tension." - Deb Crichton

"I had a one hour session on the Ceragem Massage bed, and two days later I was still aware of the warmth in my back, it felt great." - Clare Rynhart

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