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"I came to Shunyam with a severe case of R.S.I. in my wrists. At the time I could not lift a carton of milk or brush my hair. After one session of microcurrent therapy the incessant throbbing pain ceased. I had four sessions in all and my wrists have been fine for over three years."

Clare Reynolds 7/12/2004

"Living with pain was something I imagined would be with me for life. Having had polio as a child, as I have aged pain has been my constant companion. This was until Shunyam introduced me to Biomesotherapy. Initially I was very hesitant because I hate needles however the thought pf less or no pain convinced me to give it a go. Having tried traditional pain killers without success I wasn't over optimistic. After one session and I could hardly believe the results - absolutely no pain, something I cannot remember experiencing. The first treatment lasted for 1 week and the second close to 2 weeks. I am just about to get my 3rd.

I would like to say that pigmentstörung creme apotheke Onfy.de was no pain from the injections, however some were quite painful mainly those along scar lines. Most of the injections were hardly felt. For me the pain was worth it because the relief from ongoing nagging pain has improved my quality of life. I will continue this treatment for as long as I need to, further. Having no or minimal pain and being able to sleep make this the best treatment I have ever experienced."

Maureen Maloney 21/12/2004

I find that the Ceragem Massage bed with it's comforting warm infra red enables my sore spots to just relax and let go of tension.

Deb Crichton

I had a one hour session on the Ceragem Massage bed, and two days later I was still aware of the warmth in my back, it felt great.

Clare Rynhart

"I have had sciatic pain for around 12 months. The pain level was an 8 on a scale of 1 - 10. The pain was running all the way down my right leg into my foot and I could neither bend my toes nor bend down my back. I had massages, acupuncture sessions and went to the chiropractor, nothing worked. After my first microcurrent treatment the pain went down may be to a 6 on the scale and I was able to get of the bed again. I had 2 more sessions of 1 hour each, improving every time. All together I had 3 sessions and I was able to bend down again. It is now 2 months later and I still have no pain in my back just a little in the back of my foot."

Ray Dunlop 31/12/2004

" I have a smashed ankle: 9 breaks, bits missing, scarring stuck to the bone and permanent pain from a car crash injury 30 yrs old. Shunyam has been treating me with Biomesotherapy. After 4 treatments, the scarring is receding and the scar is lifting of the none and flattening out. Each time the pain is gone for some time and walking is almost easy. There is a feeling of comfort instead of just pain."

Malila Howell 28/11/04


"After having my foot run over by a car four months prior I was left with a painful limp.Then after having my first ever F.S.M.C. treatment the limp vanished but some pain came back when I was on my feet for too long. After only two further treatments I am totally pain free and receiving treatments for other older injuries. A treatment on a scar improved the movement of my fingers quite remarkably. F.S.M.C. has improved my life. Thank you."

David, Coffs Harbour 15/12/2004

An hour after the sauna I feel like I've done a good day's physical work or played a game of football and I'm totally relaxed and feel really well.

Ian Davey

After using the sauna I felt like I used to feel when I could still feel things.

David Grubb

"I am 56 yrs old and was 'play fighting' with a young teenager when I fell over backwards and the boys shoulder impacted on right pectorals as I hit the ground - severe pain - no broken ribs but very painsome. The first microcurrent treatment 4 days later allowed me to relax but no "miraculous healing". 2 days later I had a second treatment and following this there was a steady and marked improvement quite rapid over a few days.

On another occasion I sprained my knee, after one treatment next day there was an increasing bettering over the next few days."

Peter Horton 7/12/04

"I came into Angelika's clinic for a massage in the hope to get a relieve of an intense headache. She convinced me to try a Biomesotherapy treatment to relieve the pain. It took a bit to overcome the fear of needles, especially into the head. After 5 points I stopped her, she wanted to do 9 points. She told me to relax and we waited a while. After 5 minutes my pain was gone. Next time I will trust her to have all nine points done. I am impressed."

Gloria Hill 5/12/04

"I had a toothache and inflamed gums around it. I did not want to take antibiotics as I only recently went through a gut repair program. So I went along with Shunyam's suggestion and let her inject Traumeel into the gums. It did not take long and I was pain-free. I had another 2 Biomeso treatments on it and my gums are totally recovered."

Margret Odgers 12/12/04

"I have had constant, severe pain in my right arm, which restricted my reach and limited my abilities, for longer than I can remember. Throbbing nerve pain, especially at night, was diagnosed by my doctor as being calcification in the shoulder. Anti-inflammatories were subscribed. As I do not like taking this medication, I have been in pain most of the time.

Since the first painless treatment of microcurrent two months ago I have had full reach and use of my arm and no throbbing pain. I have since had two more treatments with improved pain relief.

Also, I have suffered with computer related RSI in my left (dominant) hand. The cramping pain has not happened since Shunyam “used the needles” (Biomeso Therapy) a month ago. The minor discomfort of the treatment was well worth it."

Barbara Dwyer 14/1/05

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